Online Tool to Help Employers Address Health Care Costs

October 14, 2011 ( -  Priority Health is launching HealthInSite, an online tool for its employer groups that provides data, actionable information, and recommendations to address health care costs.  

Similar to a banking Web site – where you can see how your money is spent and in which categories – this tool gives employers a clear picture of where their health care dollars are going and identify key health issues impacting their workforce, according to a press release.

HealthInSite offers the following elements for employers:

•  Trend information and comparison data that displays company-specific results against the results of others in their industry;

•  Customized tips and recommendations on how to proactively improve the health of employees and their dependents or help them use health care services more effectively; and

•  The tool directs employers to utilize Priority Health’s expertise including its disease management and wellness programs and helps align them with the product or benefit design to help cut costs and improve health.

HealthInSite features charts that automatically illustrate the health of a workforce, their risks, where health care dollars are being spent, and the financial impact of various health conditions. It offers tips and recommendations on how to proactively improve the health of employees and their dependents, or help them use health care services more effectively. The tool is updated every month, so employers can track their performance and adjust their programs and strategies as necessary.

Using claims information and other data sources, HealthInSite tracks the following issues for employees and their covered dependents:

•  Shows the cost and incidence of the top five health conditions;

•  Displays whether the right treatment is being used for costly chronic conditions (based on clinical best practices);

•  Demonstrates how appropriately these important services are being obtained (includes screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer);

•  Shows the average cost per prescription, the average percent being paid toward the total cost of each prescription, and use of generic drugs; and

•  Displays use of inpatient, emergency room, urgent care, and physician services.

An online demo and snapshots of HealthInSite are available on