Outplaced Worker Perk Priorities Shift

February 11, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A new study of outplaced workers and managers suggests that time and experience may be leading to a shift in perk priorities for their NEXT job.

For example, the survey of 1,680 outplaced managers and workers by recruiting firm Lee Hecht Harrison found that workers were much more interested in ongoing training opportunities today than in 1999.  

More than three-fourths expressed an interest in such programs today, compared with just 41% four years ago.

They were also more interested in:

  • flex time (73% versus 57% in 1999),
  • outplacement services (69% versus 53%) and
  • tuition reimbursement (53%, compared with 40%).  

However, there was much less interest in some other benefits, including:

  • use of company car (only 28% now versus 53% in 1999)
  • health club membership: (45% now, 58% in 1999)
  • child care (just 19% now, compared with 32% in 1999)
  • concierge services: (just 16% at present versus 31% in the previous survey)

Technology appears to have left its imprint.   Nearly three-quarters (71%) expressed an interest in cell phones/laptops, while only about half (52%) were interested four years ago.