PEI Launches Fiduciary Protection Program

October 11, 2012 ( – Portfolio Evaluations Inc. (PEI) launched a fiduciary protection program, PEI Shield, which aims to help retirement plan fiduciaries with evolving fiduciary regulations and requirements.

The program provides access to a group of experts to help develop a customized solution to meet a plan’s specific fiduciary requirements. Programs are built around plan, investment and service provider management elements and are based on plan variables such as plan investment structure and operational design. Users can incorporate existing practices into the program and add applicable program elements. It also offers continuous education, informing fiduciaries of the latest requirements.

The teams of experts include the Retirement Plans Consulting group, Investment Due Diligence group, Investment Consulting group and Client Services group.

Features of the program include fiduciary process management, such as education and regulatory updates; fiduciary plan services, including investment policy statement (IPS) development and plan fee benchmarking; fiduciary investment due diligence, such as target-date fund glide path methodology review and performance evaluation and monitoring; and fiduciary oversight of provider services, ranging from service provider due diligence to custodian searches.

The program was founded by Michael Sasso, Attila Toth and Rich Torbinski.

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