PlanSource Offers Mobile Benefits Enrollment

Employees can shop for and enroll in benefits on any device, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or phone.

PlanSource has launched Andromeda, its spring product release, which it says is one of the first online technologies to feature mobile-friendly benefits enrollment.   

Plansource’s new employee experience was developed using responsive design, meaning that employees can shop for and enroll in benefits on any device, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or phone and, unlike a mobile app that consumers have to download, the site will simply adapt and work on any size screen.   

The new employee experience was built to make the benefits shopping and enrollment experience as easy and intuitive as possible. It includes cards to display plan options, sliders for making selections and concepts that consumers are already familiar with such as a shopping cart and a checkout process.  

Along with the new employee experience, the Andromeda release contains multiple other enhancements, including:

  • New navigation in the administrator interface – The navigation within the PlanSource administrator user interface has been redesigned and simplified to provide a streamlined, more user-friendly experience.
  • New reports center – The reports area of the system has been updated with a modern look, a more intuitive workflow, dashboards and report descriptions.
  • Report enhancements – Updates and enhancements have been made to many of the standard reports human resources teams use to track and monitor benefits programs. 
  • Expanded business rules – More options are available for administering 401(k) accounts and configuring how employee groups are managed in the system.
  • APIs and integrations – Andromeda includes enhanced APIs for handling evidence of insurability, payroll deductions, and updates to employee and dependent demographic information, as well as deepened integration with MetLife.    

In addition, all PlanSource customers now have full access to the professional services added by the recent acquisition of Next Generation Enrollment, including COBRA administration, benefit account administration, employee contact center, total benefits outsourcing, dependent verification and custom employee communications.   

More details about the Andromeda release can be found at