Prescription Solutions Fields Benefits Tool

December 16, 2010 ( – Prescription Solutions, a pharmacy benefits management (PBM) organization and UnitedHealth Group company, has launched an online program called the Benefit Preferences Tool.

A news release said the new offering helps clients develop customized pharmacy benefit plans based on their needs and preferences. Prescription Solutions uses a proprietary preferences tool on its Client Portal to guide consultants, brokers and new or existing customers through an online, step-by-step pharmacy benefits plan decisionmaking process.

According to the announcement, in about 15 minutes, this interactive program gathers preferences for benefit structure, formulary care provider network access, mail-order service, clinical programs and more. The program weighs the preferences and determines which Prescription Solutions products and services may best fit the customer’s needs.

The Benefit Preferences Tool then presents plan recommendations along with a benchmark comparison between the client’s responses and those of its peers.

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