Presidium, Fiserv Unveil Collective Funds

July 7, 2006 ( - Presidium Retirement Advisers Inc. and Fiserv Investment Support Services have announced they are offering Multi-Dimensional Premium Funds to retirement plan professionals who hold plan assets with Fiserv Trust Company.

According to a Fiserv news release, the Multi-Dimensional Premium Funds are collective investment funds (CIFs) that invest in multiple mutual funds following diversified asset allocation portfolios. 

Fiserv Trust Company is the trustee of the CIFs and has selected Presidium Retirement Advisers as sub-advisor to each CIF, the announcement said. Fiserv Trust will invest CIF assets using asset allocation strategies developed by Presidium that focus primarily on 10 registered mutual funds advised by Dimensional Fund Advisors. 

Fiserv Trust Company will calculate and report a daily unit value for each CIF portfolio. According to the company, the CIF portfolios are intended to offer broad, cost-effective diversification and increased exposure to the small cap and value stocks targeted by Dimensional’s mutual funds as well as Presidium’s ongoing risk management.

For more information on the CIF portfolios and the research behind them, contact Rick Canipe at Presidium Retirement Advisers Inc. at 866-560-0835 or John Newman at Fiserv ISS at 303-294-5831.