PRO INC Announces Online Proposal and Plan Design Tools

January 11, 2005 ( - PRO INC., a 401(k) recordkeeping and third-party administration service firm, has announced online proposal and online plan design tools to its PRO 401k and Solo-k System Solution.

PRO INC. has unveiled the new Online Tools and enhanced services for small- to mid-sized 401k and Solo-k Plans, according to a press release from the company.

The company claims that the PRO solutions provided by these tools simplify the recordkeeping and third-party administration selection process by providing tools for plan sponsors and investment professionals to research fees and services.

It also allows the plan sponsors and investment professionals  to design multi-fund 401(k) and Solo-k plans quickly, as well as monitor and manage their plans via the Internet systems that support these two plan types, according to the announcement.

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