Pru Moves In Web-based Relocation Tool

November 24, 2003 ( - Prudential Relocation has launched an online meeting service for relocation professionals, corporate clients and their employees.

The Online Meeting Center provides pre-recorded multimedia Web casts and downloadable White Papers on the topic currently creating the buzz in the relocation industry.   In addition, the Web site has survey results based on data collected from Webcast attendees, according to a news release.

The Online Meeting Center also has an interactive feature that allows users to ask questions after viewing the pre-recorded Webcasts.   Among the topic available from the pre-recorded Webcast menu:

  • Doing Business in China: The Human Element
  • Relocation Trend Inventory Report
  • Legal Issues in Relocation
  • Tax Issues in Relocation
  • How to Build a Globally Competitive Workforce
  • International Jeopardy
  • Lump Sum Programs
  • PeopleShock.

The Internet tool can be access at .