Pru Puts Out New UK Financial Planning Tool

November 12, 2002 ( - Armed with new survey data showing that seven out of 10 people in the UK haven't given any thought to their retirement plans in the last year, Prudential is unveiling a new online financial planning tool.

According to a news media release, Prudential’s new “The Plan From The Pru” is designed to help clients build a financial blue print covering all the major life events they will experience.

The company is offering a special Web siteon which Pru clients can get planning information and tips on constructing their own plan.

The company said customers will get guidance on a range of personal financial matters at different life stages including:

  • starting out
  • settling down
  • having children
  • growing family
  • mid-life
  • retiring soon
  • retirement
  • self-employed
  • coping with change

New Survey Data

Based on the results of an August 2002 survey Prudential commissioned, company officials said they think the problem of inadequate financial planning will only get worse. According to the survey:

  • over half of people in the 55-64 pre-retirement brackets have not reviewed their retirement plans in the last year
  • over two thirds of people in the critical 25-44 age bracket have not reviewed their plans in the last twelve months
  • the gender gap between male and female financial planning is significant: over a third of all men have reviewed their plans in the last year, while less than a quarter of women have done so.

The survey was conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres Phonebus in August 2002 and included 1,010 UK residents age 16 or above.