Prudential Analysis Tool Aids Employers with Benefits Decisions

November 6, 2007 ( - Prudential Financial, Inc.'s Group Insurance business has introduced new analytical reports it says provide an enhanced level of detailed analysis - above standard claim experience data - designed to help employers understand the factors driving their benefit plan costs.

Pru Analyzer reports are available to clients based on volume of claim activity and complexity of benefit plan offerings and can help employers better administer their plans and make better benefit decisions, Prudential said in a press release. Clients receive a data report and custom commentary that will help them with decisions on plan provisions or remedial health measures.

As part of an enhanced consultative service, Prudential’s team of analysts creates customized reports for clients on a mutually agreed upon schedule, the company said.

“Feedback from our clients identified a need in the market for this type of analysis. Prudential’s long history in group life and disability insurance makes us uniquely qualified to develop reports that help our clients better understand how their plans are working and, more importantly, how we can work together to refine benefit offerings to better suit their needs,” said Wayne Benseler, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary, Group Insurance, in the press release.

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Prudential’s report, Trends in Benefits Web Technology: 2006 Research Among Benefits Plan Sponsors, is also available online and provides insight into the trends in benefits Web technology over the next five years.