Prudential Releases Global Relocation Program

November 17, 2003 ( - Companies with international relocation concerns have a new global relocation program for their consideration from Prudential Relocation.

Prudential’s Global Destination Services Program offers one consistent program for all worldwide locations to accommodate transferees, according to a news release.   T he program has five options that can be customized to differing needs levels and that have a high degree of flexibility, including:

  • Pre-Assignment
  • Home Finding
  • Settling-In
  • Departure
  • Educational Consulting/Placement.

Additionally, the new product includes a Comprehensive Program that combines what Prudential describes as the most requested features of home finding, settling-in and educational assistance offerings. This is designed to ensure assignees and their families are functioning adequately in their new international surroundings as quickly as possible, Prudential said in the release.

More information about Prudential Relocation can be requested at .