Public Worker Coalition Forms to Support DB, Retiree Health Care

March 7, 2008 ( - A new coalition of public sector workers has formed to support defined benefit plans and retiree health care programs.

The Associated Press reports that the New Hampshire Retirement Security Coalition is “dedicated to ensuring New Hampshire workers who teach our children, police our streets, and fight our fires can depend on a stable and modest retirement income after a career of public service.”

The coalition is supportive of efforts to maintain defined benefit pension and health care benefits for retired public employees provided by the New Hampshire Retirement System and to ensure the long-term viability of the plan for current and future public employees.

The report claims that “more than 70,000 active and retired first responders, teachers and public workers have united” to launch the coalition.

According to the AP, the coalition is also announcing its opposition to a House bill that it says will impair future retirement security of workers; result in increased costs to taxpayers, and put public services at risk.