'Reality TV' Cuts Into Productivity

March 18, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - American Idol's search for tomorrow's next star is keeping almost one in four workers from being productive.

According to a new survey by Monster Meter, 23% of office dwellers say they hang out at the water cooler to trade stories with co-workers about the latest from American Idol and other “Reality TV” shows that are now some of the hottest properties on TV.

Job seekers were asked, “Has Watercooler Talk about Reality TV Decreased Your Productivity at Work?” Respondents cast 49,404 votes, revealing:

  • 23% (11,300 votes) said: “Yes”
  • 77% (38,104 votes) said: “No.”

MonsterTRAK also asked students, “Has Reality TV Had an Affect on Your Schoolwork?” A total of 908 votes were cast, revealing:

  • 37% (337 votes) said: “Yes, it has cut into my study time.”
  • 63% (571 votes) said: “No, I don’t watch reality TV.”

The Monster Meter, a product of online career site Monster, is an ongoing series of online polls that gauge users’ opinions on a variety of topics relating to careers, the economy, and the workplace.