Religious Groups Establish Social 'Global Benchmarks'

May 20, 2003 ( - Religious organizations are joining together to form uniform standards for corporations to follow on issues such as sweatshop labor, pollution control and access to affordable pharmaceuticals.

“Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility: Benchmarks for Measuring Business Performance” is the product of a global coalition of religious organizations and advocacy groups.   The benchmarks are designed to focus and increase the pressure brought to bear on corporations that fail to practice corporate social responsibility on major matters of concern, according to a news release.

Among the issues the benchmarks hope to further:

  • the development of a human rights policy based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • respect for the dignity of every person
  • right for workers to organize a union and bargain collectively and for all core labor rights as defined by the International Labor Organization
  • a new relationship between corporations, communities, and ecosystems; preservation and protection of the environment for present and future generations
  • commitment to the principle that every worker has the right of access to health care, accessible and affordable medicines, including antiretrovirals for the treatment of AIDS.

More information about the report can be found at .