2018 Plan Administration Guide, Part One

For plan sponsors, finding the right stock plan administration provider can be both easy and difficult.

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Stock Plan Administration Providers

Stock Plan Administration Industry Snapshot

Number of Clients and ParticipantsTotalUS based% US based
Stock Plan Clients7,390*5,233*71%*
Stock Plan Participants9,581,9577,304,445*76%*
U.S. Clients By Relationship
% Full stock plan outsourcing53%*
% Partial outsourcing (brokerage)42%*
% Partial outsourcing (administration)5%*
Provider Experience & Capabilities
Has >20 years of experience43%
Also offers DC plan admin43%
Has proprietary administration systems86%
Has proprietary trading systems71%
Providers Allowing Excercise Options/Transactions By Channel
Online (via participant website)100%
Call center86%
Interactive voice response (IVR) system57%
In person (via branches, field locations, etc.)57%
*Data has been updated/revised since initial publication in PLANSPONSOR magazine.


PLANSPONSOR contacted leading providers of stock plan administration services in March and received a total of seven responses by the survey deadline. The questionnaire explored each provider’s experience and capabilities in servicing both full and partially outsourced plans. A summary of responses is included on the facing page. All data presented are as of December 31, 2017. For additional information on survey results and/or to be included in a future version of the guide, please email surveys@strategic-i.com.

Stock Plan Administration Buyer's Guide Archive

PLANSPONSOR looks at the various stock plan administrator's available to sponsors. The profiles included in this guide highlight where providers deliver key tax/reporting/compliance services via "in-house" resources while others may offer similar services through a third party (or a choice or either option).