2018 Plan Administration Guide, Part One

The continued adoption of HSAs reflects how many employees have taken on greater decisionmaking roles in how their health care dollars are spent.

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HSA Service Providers

HSA Industry Snapshot

HSA SummaryWorkplace HSAsTotal HSAs% Workplace
Total HSAs3,211,2113,947,84081%
Total HSA assets ($MM)$8,139 $9,857 83%
Total employer affiliations32,349*----
HSAs By BalanceWorkplace HSAs% Total
Account Transaction SummaryTotal HSAs
# HSAs receiving any contribution in 20173,731,630
Average employee contribution$1,199
Average employer contribution$479
* Data has been updated/revised since initial publication in PLANSPONSOR magazine.


Using publicly available sources, PLANSPONSOR contacted leading providers of health savings account (HSA) administration services in March for our 2018 Health Savings Account Survey and received eight responses by the survey deadline. Although respondents represent only a fraction of the hundreds of national and local organizations capable of managing employer-sponsored HSAs, their profiles reflect the range of experience and capabilities found in the market. All data are as of December 31, 2017; additional information on each listed provider is available at www.plansponsor.com/research. For more information on survey results or to be included in a future version of the guide, please email surveys@strategic-i.com.

Health Savings Account Guide Archive

With HSA's increasingly described as a retirement savings vehicle for medical expenses, PLANSPONSOR"S guide provides guidance on HSA providers. This greater valuing of health insurance by employees, coupled with growing health care costs that continue to surpass the rate of inflation, has increased employers’ adoption of health savings accounts (HSAs) alongside consumer-directed high-deductible health care plans (HDHPs).