Retirement Education for Educators Launched

May 8, 2012 ( - A free e-course is available for educators who are worried about having enough retirement income.

The e-course is three videos long with a combined length of just under one hour. After viewing, a teacher will know what the best retirement plan available to them is likely to be, strategies to save more as well as make money to save for the future, and how to avoid costly fees that can eat large portions of a retirement account.  

The information in this e-course is the culmination of several years’ worth of research, study, and investigation into personal finance as well as into public pensions and the various retirement accounts available to teachers. All of that information has been condensed and put into an online course format that is designed to be fast paced, easy to grasp, and highly educational.  

Teachers may also visit the for access to more articles and videos on finance issues educators regularly face. 

Educators can register for the e-course at