RSI Launches Retirement Plan DecisionDesk

December 7, 2011 ( – RSI has launched a roll-in service for retirement plan changes.  

The service will enable employers to help employees roll their savings from a previous retirement plan into their current plan.

The new service comes in response to the growing trend of abandoned workplace retirement savings plan accounts. Frequent job changes and increased use of auto-enrollment have created a growing number of abandoned retirement plan savings accounts that can add to plan costs, create administrative headaches, and potentially hurt employees’ ability to save for the long run. 

With the roll-in service, licensed professionals from RSI’s Retirement Plan DecisionDesk  proactively contact clients’ eligible employees to provide balance-bind, brand-neutral, one-on-one information and guidance about their options and the potential long term implications of their choices. In addition to enabling employees to make fully-informed decisions, the DecisionDesk provides end-to-end assistance in executing the sometimes complex process that may discourage employees from taking action.

Employers who want more information should contact Mike Wilder at 866-827-9608 or