Schwab Launches Equity Award Consultation Team

March 22, 2011 ( - After a successful pilot, Charles Schwab announced the official launch of a new Equity Award Consultation Team for corporate stock plan clients.

The team will provide personalized education and guidance to U.S.-based participants in the corporate equity plans serviced by Schwab, regardless of a participant’s level at their company or the value of their equity holdings.   

According to the announcement, Schwab’s new Equity Award Consultation Team is made up of professionals who are trained to provide guidance on equity awards. The team will help employees from participating companies by educating them about their current holdings and explaining the choices available for managing those holdings within the context of the employee’s overall investment portfolio.  

Employers with corporate equity plans serviced by Schwab are eligible to participate in the program, which is available at no additional cost to the employer and the employees.   

“Stock plan participants often do not understand or fully appreciate the value of their equity compensation,” said Larry Bohrer, vice president of Stock Plan Services at Charles Schwab, in the announcement. “Our equity consultation team was designed to not only help employees make sense of their equity awards, but to help them determine the role that equity awards can play in their overall financial picture.”   

In a 2009 Schwab survey of stock plan decision makers, nearly half of survey respondents (48%) considered educating employees about the features and benefits of their stock plan a “significant challenge,” and 78% said that educating employees on the stock plan value and benefits will be an important focus for their company (see Stock Plans Holding Up Despite Downturn: Schwab).   

Additional information about Charles Schwab Equity Award Consultation Team is available at