Schwab Unveils Web and Call Center Programs

May 6, 2003 ( - Charles Schwab Corporate Services has come up with two new software products to help improve retirement plan administration and providing of services to participants.

According to a Schwab news release, Schwab RT Web is designed to help plan administrators customize clients’ retirement plan Web sites while Schwab RT Call Center provides customer service personnel with computer interfaces that give them more information on each client.

The new Schwab RT Web application provides plan administrators with a set of tools for customizing the appearance, content and structure of their clients’ retirement plan site including:

  • Skin Editor – apply plan-specific custom “look and feel” (color scheme, fonts, etc.) and add company logos for branding/co-branding
  • Menu Editor – control the arrangement of plan-specific menu options (rename, reorder, remove, change defaults and add custom options)
  • Content Editor – program plan-specific content – welcome greetings, announcements, definitions and preferred language.

Plan participants can also customize their experience on their plan’s Web site. Participants can select the data that appears on their home page, create a library of links to additional resources, specify filters for transaction history, and export data to an Excel file or send it via e-mail in report form.

Finally, through Schwab RT Web, administrators can also offer plan sponsors a suite of online financial planning and advice tools, including Morningstar ClearFuture, MasteryPOINT Financial Analyzer and retirement planning tools on

Meanwhile, while using Schwab RT Call Center:

  • customer service representatives have ready access to the participant’s full history, pending transactions and additional notes
  • customer service representatives work with an interface designed around the most frequently requested information and activities
  • multiple call centers share the same information source and participant account access points are fully integrated
  • activities performed through the Web, automated voice response system and wireless devices are all tracked and presented to customer service representatives when they view an account.