SEI Touts Integrated Pension Tool

September 29, 2004 ( - SEI Investments has released PensionConnect 360, a pension model that attempts to align an organization's long-term pension strategy with its corporate financial goals.

PensionConnect 360 attempts to increase plan efficiency by establishing a single line of responsibility for plan aspects such as portfolio structure and manager selection, evaluation, and replacement under SEI’s Manager-of-Managers (MoM) process.

As an investment manager, SEI will act as a co-fiduciary with respect to plan assets. Also, PensionConnect 360 provides administration components in areas such as trust, custody and benefits payments, the company said.

PensionConnect 360 aims to integrate a company’s pension and corporate finance data, along with its strategic goals in order to determine the impact of pension plan decisions on cash flows, net income and capital structure. Using a financial modeling tool, PensionConnect 360 then runs multiple scenarios, attempting to discern the effects of pension decisions.

SEI Investments ( ), in a press release, makes the claim that the PensionConnect 360 program is largely responsible for $4.6 billion in new institutional assets under management. The company manages over $100 billion in assets currently.