Senate Bill Tackling Steel Health Costs Introduced

April 18, 2002 ( Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) has introduced a new bill to aid the embattled Steel industry.

The Steel Industry Consolidation and Retiree Benefits Protection Act of 2002 (S-2189) calls for a program to cover the legacy costs of health care and death benefits for the retirees of steel, iron ore and coke companies.

The bill’s major provisions include:

  • The creation of a health care program that would cover retirees and eligible spouses and surviving spouses. Steelworkers retirees would pay monthly premiums and medical care would be delivered through preferred providers. 
  • The establishment of a $5,000 death benefit to the designated beneficiary of each enrolled retiree.

Representative Phil English (D-Pennsylvania), the chairman of the steel caucus is drafting a companion bill.