Site Launches Restricted Stock Aids

September 28, 2004 ( - has unveiled online calculators and portfolio trackers for employees whose compensation includes restricted stock and restricted stock units (RSUs).

The new offerings include myRecords for restricted stock, which has its own presentation alongside the original recordkeeper for stock options, offering employees an online statement of their equity compensation and wealth management, according to a news release. The company said users can:

  • store and view grant data, including vesting dates
  • enter a stock symbol to get a stock-price feed, letting the tool show the current value of unvested and vested restricted stock
  • model stock-price changes and “as of” dates to see total value and total gain
  • sort grants by next vesting date and grant date
  • record whether the user made a Section 83(b) election to be taxed on the value of the restricted stock at grant
  • keep stock-price details at vesting and at sale for tax returns.

The company is also offering a Quick-Take Calculator for Restricted Stock, which it said lets users interactively assess profits at vesting. According to the announcement, users can:

  • view net gains at vesting, whether selling all the shares or selling shares only to pay taxes
  • model for increases and decreases in stock price
  • personalize tax data for state and federal rates and year-to-date Social Security
  • see and easily print the tax breakdown
  • edit the tax-withholding amounts.

Finally, the I Need The Money Calculator is a premium tool. Originally just for stock options, it has been enhanced to include calculations for restricted stock and RSUs as well. In this tool, users enter required amount of after-tax money. The company said the product will let an employee know (1) whether the person will have enough vested shares in the future to equal the cash needed and (2) what stock price must be reached. Users can also edit the tax-withholding, stock price, and “as of” dates, according to the announcement.

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