Slight Rise Seen in Flex-Time Workers

January 6, 2003 ( - Almost 30% of full-time US wage and salary workers work a flexible schedule - up a bit in the last five years, the US Department of Labor (DoL) reported.

Only about a third of the 29 million flex-time workers are employed by companies with official flex-time policies, Dow Jones indicated in a news story.

Flexible schedules were most common among executives, administrators, and managers, with 45.5% able to vary their work hours. Sales workers, at almost 41%, also benefited.

Men were somewhat more likely to work flexible schedules than women (30% to 27%). White workers (30%) were more likely to have such schedules than blacks (21%) or Hispanics (nearly 20%), the DoL reported.

The proportion of workers with such schedules has grown slightly since 1997, when the DoL last collected the data. Then, 26.6% reported working flexible schedules. Just 15% had flex time in 1991, according to Dow Jones.