Software AG Inaugurates Public Plan Communication Tool

May 20, 2003 ( - Public retirement systems have a new communication management product to consider from Software AG, Inc.

PowerLynX Retirement is designed to facilitate the communication with current and future retirees.   The system utilizes Extensible Markup Language (XML) technology to provide members with service through interactive, rich-text email reports that allow access to statement information – including benefit calculations, pre-retirement counseling sessions and new services, according to a news release.

Benefits of PowerLynX Retirement for retirement organizations and employers include:

  • integration with existing systems architecture, eliminating the need to re-engineer existing applications
  • a reduction in paper, production, and mailing costs associated with print distribution of statements and other documents
  • accomplishing initiatives surrounding information sharing.

Once integrated, the system automatically combines modifiable document templates with data, content and distribution list information to create personalized documents that can appear to the recipient as emails, Web pages, mobile messages, dashboards, alerts or other formats.

Participants can then interact with the document through interfaces such as pop-ups, drill-down menus and response mechanisms. PowerLynX enables the sender to generate personalized documents, manage outbound communications, with recipients and facilitate the process of updating back office systems with new information.

Currently the PowerLynX architecture is based upon open standards such as XML and Web Services.   A UNIX-based version is planned for delivery later in 2003.