Software Firm Unveils HSA Management System

March 3, 2006 ( - A Little Rock, Arkansas benefits technology company has unveiled a multi-custodial platform for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) that incorporates the role of the Plan Service Provider (PSP) as a HSA assistant.

According to a news release, HSAToday helps fulfill the role of the PSP, an HSA expert who can manage the interoperability of the disparate components on a single platform where mutually beneficial relationships can exist among multiple stakeholders.

The PSP helps meet the needs of account holders by serving both as their personal HSA assistant as well as being the customer service representative for the bank and the plan administrator for the employer.

The company said that through HSAToday, a PSP can work with their local community bank as an HSA custodian.

HSAToday is one of the components of the CDHP-Suite, a Consumer Driven Health Plan administration solution from DataPath, Inc, the announcement said.

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