Startup Releases Managed Account Solution

January 14, 2014 ( – CoPiloted, a Boston- and Seattle-based startup, wants to help workers grow 401(k) and individual retirement account (IRA) assets through a new managed account solution.

Services offered by the firm are designed to help users assess risk levels; select appropriate investments; and determine when to buy, sell and rebalance accounts, according to a statement from the firm.

“Today’s investors often put off dealing with their retirement accounts, and rarely make the necessary adjustments to ensure safe and steady returns,” says Jeremy De Bonet, CoPiloted CEO. “CoPiloted’s fully managed service does it all for you, at a cost that all investors can afford.”

Bonet adds that CoPiloted uses investment approaches typically accessible only to the very wealthy and tailors these approaches to accounts of all sizes.

To use CoPiloted, retirement savers provide information on current savings accounts and thoughts on investment risk. Based on those answers, CoPiloted provides specific and actionable recommendations that can be automatically enacted, if desired.

Plan sponsors and advisers can use CoPiloted to provide participants with personalized investment advice, the firm says, among other applications.

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