SteelPath Launches MLP Alpha Fund

May 12, 2010 ( - SteelPath has announced the launch of the SteelPath MLP Alpha Fund.

The fund provides investors a concentrated portfolio of 20 energy infrastructure Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) intended to result in substantial long-term capital appreciation through distribution growth and a 6.6% yield at present. Infrastructure MLPs generally operate toll-road businesses that do not take title to the commodities they transport, and are unaffected by the level of commodity prices.  

The MLP Alpha Fund provides 1099 tax reporting, qualified dividend treatment of taxable distributions, low investment minimums, and full daily liquidity at a transparent NAV. Taxable investors concerned about the burdens of K-1 filings and investors seeking to invest through IRA and 401(k) plans now have a product to participate in the energy infrastructure MLP asset class through the SteelPath funds, the announcement said.  

Class A shares of the fund carry a minimum investment of $3,000 for individual investors, while the Class I shares have been  created for institutional investors.   

More information is at