Still River Puts Out New Planning Software Version

March 31, 2005 ( - Still River Retirement Planning Software has released the beta version of its newest software offering, RetirementWorks II.

RetirementWorks II helps people figure out what they should do about their finances as they approach, enter, or manage their retirement, according to a Still River news release.

RetirementWorks II produces one or more suggested plans of action, each containing specific recommendations about what financial choices and changes should be made, the announcement said.   Each plan is evaluated with a simple “report card”, which grades the plan under both “expected” and adverse circumstances.   If the plan is unacceptable for any reason, it can be modified until the results are satisfactory.

“For people about to retire, making so many decisions at once is complicated because the decisions are all interrelated, and, once they retire, their ability to recover from major financial mistakes is vastly reduced, ” explained Chuck Yanikoski, Still River President, in the news release. “To adequately serve these people, we must look at all issues in an integrated fashion.   We believe that all the questions need to be answered, even the ones that do not lead directly to product sales, and that the company that can answer all the retiree’s questions is the company that will retain and capture the assets.”

According to the company, whoever pays the household bills can easily enter the necessary data directly into the system, saving the financial advisor’s time for the analysis and reporting phase.  

RetirementWorks II is available as either desktop or web-based, or both. More information is at .