SunGard Corbel Enhances RK Platform

April 14, 2003 ( - SunGard Corbel has tacked on a defined contribution recurring rebalance transactions feature and Defined Benefit 412(i) plan recordkeeping options in its Relius Administration's version 8.2 release.

According to the company, the Recurring Rebalance Transactions feature lets plan participants choose how often their investments should be rebalanced. The program can be scheduled and run unattended using Relius Administration’s Straight-Through Processing, or it can be used manually to create the transactions necessary to rebalance the investments for one or more plans, a plan group, or all plans.
412(i) plans, which produce larger tax deductions than standard defined benefit plans but usually for a shorter period of time, can now be valued through Relius Administration’s insurance annuity funding option.  These plans are funded totally with insurance products (life insurance and annuities).  They can produce larger contributions without actuarial certification because of the conservative assumptions embedded in the insurance products.