SunGard Introduces OmniManager

July 28, 2005 ( - SunGard announced the release of a new product, OmniManager, a browser-based alternative to OmniStation, the current desktop application of its OmniPlus recordkeeping system.

In its press release, the company said the new system is accessible by the Internet or intranet.   It is built on a J2EE platform, enables hosting on UNIX and Windows, and supports Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

On the new profile-based system, administrators will be able to set up profiles for different user groups and assign users to the appropriate groups.   The company also said in the news release that non-technical personnel can customize screens on the new system.   Personalized reports and spreadsheets can be generated and exported directly into an Adobe Acrobat PDF document or Excel spreadsheet.

Jim Jackson, product manager for SunGard’s Omni business unit said in the news release that the system was developed based on current customer feedback.

Omni is a suite of products for retirement plan administration.   These products are:

  • OmniPlus, a recordkeeping system for defined contribution plans
  • OmniPay, a check writing and benefit disbursement system
  • OmniDBEN, a recordkeeping system for defined benefit and cash balance plans
  • OmniTrade, a trading and reconciliation system for company stocks and mutual funds
  • OmniOnline, a browser-based system that integrates all of these products for plan sponsors, participants, call center reps, and third party administrators

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