SunGard Launches New Web-Based Treasury Solution

September 22, 2009 ( - SunGard has announced the availability of AvantGard Treasury Express Edition (XE), a Web-based treasury solution geared toward small to mid-sized treasuries.

The offering has three deployment options; Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), hosted or installed. According to the announcement, AvantGard Treasury XE complements the existing portfolio of enterprise treasury solutions offered by SunGard and provides more options to organizations that focus on the core treasury disciplines of cash management and foreign exchange.

AvantGard Treasury XE delivers support for cash management, foreign exchange (FX), in ? house banking, money markets and “offers the option to expand usage to contemplate complex transactions,” according to a press release, which also notes that, “with connectivity to banks, market rate providers and other third parties AvantGard Treasury XE helps companies improve communication and data transparency.” The solution also offers a treasury sub-ledger that can be exported to external enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems.

Erlend Asker, senior vice president, global treasury solutions for SunGard’s AvantGard business unit, said, “With the introduction of AvantGard Treasury XE, companies with small to mid-sized treasuries that focus on the core disciplines of cash management, foreign exchange and money markets can access the solution on a platform of their choice. Whereas previously, these organizations may have been forced into a particular platform or were simply using spreadsheets.”

SunGard’s AvantGard is a liquidity management solution for corporations, insurance companies and the public sector. The firm says that AvantGard provides chief financial officers and treasurers with real-time visibility into cash flows and increased operational controls around receivables, treasury and payments, and “helps companies drive free cash flow and reduce inefficiencies across the ecosystem of suppliers, buyers, banks and other trading partners.”

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