Survey Finds 10% Net Employer Health Benefits Loss in 2014

January 21, 2011 ( – Fallout from the health care reform law will produce an estimated net 10%-reduction in access to employer-sponsored health benefits as of January 2014, according to a new survey.,

A news release from consultant Market Strategies said the net figure will come from 13% of U.S. workers losing employer-sponsored benefits while 3% gain them.

According to the news release, additional findings about 2014-level employer benefits include that: 

  • Among companies currently offering health care benefits (covering 92 % of all workers), 76% will continue to do so, 15% will offer coverage to some full-time employees, and 9% will stop doing so.
  • Among companies currently not offering health care benefits (covering 8% of all workers), 28% will begin to offer them in 2014, 19% will begin to offer coverage to some full-time employees, and 53% will not begin to offer health care benefits

“The results are eye opening and could severely impact a sizeable number of U.S. workers and their families,” said Susan McIntyre, senior vice president in the company’s Health Care Division, in the announcement.  ” A significant number of employers are telling us that, with health care reform, it may not benefit them competitively to offer employee health care benefits.  The reality is that companies of all sizes are reviewing their options and considering reductions. Many small and large firms see the availability of coverage to employees through Exchanges as the potential to exit the health benefits arena without leaving employees lacking in coverage options.  For some large firms, in particular, there is a desire to pay to walk away.”

Market Strategies conducted a Web survey between October 27 and November 8, 2010, using the Research Now Web panel with a national sample of 1,065 adults.  Qualified respondents were employee health benefits decision makers or influencers at companies with at least 2 FTEs.

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