SURVEY SAYS: Fan of the Falcons or Pulling for the Patriots?

So, my team did not make it to the Super Bowl again this year.

However, there is one team in the game I will be rooting for to win.

Last week, I asked NewsDash reader, “Are you a fan of the Atlanta Falcons or are you pulling for the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LI (51)?”

The majority of responding readers (61.6%) are rooting for the Falcons to win the Super Bowl, while nearly one-quarter (24.4%) chose the Patriots. Nearly 6% said they don’t care, 3.5% chose “either” and 4.6% indicated they don’t watch football.

In the comments left by readers, there was much distaste for the Patriots and Tom Brady, but also some kudos for them. As usual, some commented about looking forward to the commercials, although one reader expressed distaste for them as well. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said, “Regardless of who wins, hoping for a good competitive game!!” 

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey!


Any team but the Patriots!

But mostly I will be paying attention to scores for my squares.

The New England CHEATRIOTS are one of the main reasons I stopped watching the NFL (after 45 years). I would be happy if they never win another game. Ever.

Any team but Patriots!

It's time for the Commercial Bowl!

Let's have someone new win this year. The Patriots have enough titles.

At the risk of my personal trainer, who is a diehard Patriots fan, seeing this and making me do about 2000 extra crunches...Go Atlanta!

Tom Brady is like Rambo on a mission.

I marked "don't watch football" and therefore could have also marked "don't care" but I know enough to not root for the cheater team (Patriots).

Tired of New England's act.

Super Bowl 51, already?!. OMG, I'm not sure whether to be sad for how old that makes me or for how much I've spent on the beers they've cost me!

Anyone can win as long as it is NOT the Patriots. Do they have any fans outside of New England? I'm over them - move along!

Verbatim (cont.) 

Basically anyone but the Patriots

This Broncos fan would like to see ANYONE but Tom Brady and his team win Super Bowl LI.

When I attended the University of Michigan, it was common knowledge that Michigan quarterbacks couldn't make it in the NFL. Tom Brady has proven that wrong and is on the verge of proving he is the best ever. I will always be a Tom Brady fan.

My team isn't in it either, so I am rooting for the team that beat my team!

Tom Brady deserves the win after Roger Goodell's shenanigans this year!

Not a fan of the Falcons but when it comes to the Patriots and their sketchy behavior and ethics, I am a fan of anyone who is playing them.

Stop using Roman numerals!!!

Great day to go shopping or to the movies

Should be a good game, entertaining throughout. Just need to figure out when the bathroom break will be in effect!

Patriots = cheaters.

Not a huge fan of either but tired of seeing the Patriots win it again so will be rooting for the Falcons. Also hope the game is somewhat interesting after a lot of boring playoff games.

I will never pull for a team that cheats. I hope Atlanta wins, led by a former ACC quarterback!

Verbatim (cont.) 

I have no ties to the Falcons. However, my team of choice is always the one playing the Patriots.

Anybody but the Patriots... and maybe the Steelers, at this point.

Curious to see how the Patriots are going to cheat this year!

The Patriots and Tom Brady are the best continuously, not just for 'the game.'

I'm a Packers fan, not a Falcon's fan, but I couldn't bear to see the Patriots get yet another ring!

Born and raised in New England, and have the privilege to work in Boston the past 11 years - so I have watched each of our sports teams win a championship!

I am not a fan of either team, but prefer to see the Falcons win since the Patriots have been there soooo frequently and it would be nice to see another team win.

My AFC team didn't make it either. When that happens I always then root for the AFC team with 1 singular exception. Under no circumstances could I ever root for the Patriots. Go Falcons.

While the Falcons beat my Packers, they were the better team that day. Matt Ryan deserves a Super Bowl win, and I'd like to see someone other than Brady and the Patriots win.

Which team I might support for the Super Bowl? No, which team(s) I might support for March Madness!! 🙂

had enough of Belichick and the Patriot cheaters

Who cares? I go to the party for the food, drinks and commercials!

Verbatim (cont.) 

Yes, it's a dynasty!

Tom Brady is the GOAT!!!! Go Pat's!!!!!

I like Ryan because he went to BC but I still want the Patriots to win.

I'm from Buffalo, so I really dislike the Patriots. I'll pull for any team playing against them!

Regardless of who wins, hoping for a good competitive game!!

How will I know what cool and hip products to buy without watching an obscure multimillion dollar commercial telling me to do so?!?

Brady doesn't deserve anymore trophies and the Falcons need the glory.

Anyone other than Tom Brady

I will watch the Puppy Bowl instead.

When people who entertain (play sports) are paid more than those that have an impact on running our Country (President, Congressmen) I just don't understand where our Country's priorities are....

Looking forward to seeing Goodell give Brady the trophy!  


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