SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Holiday Movie 2017

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “What is your favorite holiday movie?”

Those who chose movies not on the provided list, selected:

  • The Lemmon Drop Kid
  • The Family Stone
  • On the Second Day of Christmas
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (TV version)
  • The Hateful Eight
  • Star Wars Holiday Special
  • Despite seeing Love Actually on the list, I’m into any movie on the Hallmark channel


The following movies on the list were selected by no one:

  • An American Christmas Carol
  • Bad Santa
  • Bernard and the Genie
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Prancer
  • The Hebrew Hammer
  • The Holiday
  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • The Polar Express
  • The Ref
  • We’re No Angels


Each of the following movies received 1.1% of the votes: A Diva’s Christmas Carol, Christmas in Connecticut, Home Alone, The Bishop’s Wife, The Santa Claus and The Year Without a Santa Claus. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Scrooged were each selected by 2.1% of responding readers.


Each of the following received 3.2% of votes: Holiday Inn, Love Actually, Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Miracle on 34th Street. Die Hard and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer were each selected by 4.3% of responding readers.


These were the five movies leading up to the No. 1 pick:

  • Christmas Vacation (8.6%)
  • A Christmas Carol (7.5%)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (6.4%)
  • A Christmas Story (6.4%)
  • Elf (6.4%)
  • White Christmas (6.4%)


And the winner, once again, is It’s a Wonderful Life (18.3%).


I also asked NewsDash readers, “Did your favorite movie choice change from the 2015 survey?” More than one-third (35.5%) of responding readers said “no,” while the same percentage reported they did not participate in the 2015 survey. Nearly one-quarter (23.7%) of readers do not remember if their choice changed, while 5.4% said their selection did change.


In verbatim comments, readers expressed how hard it was to choose just one, so many listed their other favorites. Some described why they love Christmas movies, and many said watching them is part of their family’s holiday tradition. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Just because a movie depicts Christmas time in the movie, does not make it a ‘Christmas movie’”


Thanks to all who participated in the survey!



Gah, it was SO HARD making a single choice! I love so many of these movies. My dad would be happy to see you included “Die Hard.” We joke that it’s his favorite holiday movie.

As much as I love my favorites (all of the various versions of “A Christmas Carol”), I must admit the Hallmark movies are worming their way into my repertoire of “must see TV”.

Die Hard is a holiday movie

Like movies with love and redemption at Christmas.

It’s a Wonderful Life sets the standard. All others are interesting, but can never bring the same message of hope and goodwill towards ALL.

It was a hard choice! I love so many of them. Not on the list, but Trapped in Paradise is great, too.

I used to watch this movie with my parents and I still love it! I love the music and dance scenes. They sure don’t make movies like this anymore.


Maybe movies and cartoons could be broken out. The Grinch is my favorite cartoon but it can’t beat out It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas have the heartfelt theme that being good and doing the right thing will always be our moral guide in life.

I’m probably the only person who picked Holiday Inn, but you just can’t beat Bing Crosby’s original version of White Christmas!

I like the older ones better than the newer ones.

I love holiday movies!

Christmas movies are part of my and my family’s holiday tradition.

While my daughter was growing up, each year we would decorate our Christmas Tree and then watch Rudolph while we sat on the couch under a blanket. Unfortunately she reached an age where there was no way she was going to watch Rudolph with me, never the less, I continued to watch the show even when my daughter gave me that “eye roll” we all are familiar with. Next Christmas I will have a granddaughter and I will again be able to watch Rudolph without the “mom is crazy eye roll” and I suspect that my daughter will be sitting right beside me under a blanket with her daughter. Life is good!

Hard to pick just 1 favorite movie. I enjoy many different holiday movies. 2. Miracle on 34th Street 3. A Christmas Story 4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (how is this not listed?)

Just like Halloween with the Hocus Pocus movie, it is a way to kick off the season and start a small tradition!

Santa doesn’t leave just one gift, so why pick just one favorite Christmas movie?

Don’t forget to add “Christmas with the Kranks” to the list!

Just because a movie depicts Christmas time in the movie, does not make it a “Christmas movie”

Love them – except someone always falls in love…makes me jealous…

My next favorite is The Man Who Came to Dinner

We have watched this movie as a family many times, not just at the holidays. Sometimes even during the summer!

I watch as many as I can

Tough choice! Will watch original Miracle, Polar Express & White Christmas & then it will be Christmas!

I love a good movie the family can watch together.

Close second favorite is The Ref

This is a movie I watched as a child and as I grew older I have continued to watch it. There have of course been a few remakes and they are all good since it is the story and not so much the actors that make this movie great.