SURVEY SAYS: Halloween Plans

October 15, 2012 – Last week I asked NewsDash readers what plans, if any, they have to celebrate Halloween, and whether they’ll be dressing in costume.

The majority of responding readers will be staying at home, as 13% said they had no plans and 57% said they will be opening the door for trick-or-treaters. Eight percent indicated they will be taking children trick-or-treating, and 11% each chose “attending a social gathering” and “taking children trick-or-treating, then attending a social gathering.”  

Fifty-four percent have no plans to dress in costume, while 15% will dress in costume at work. Nine percent said they will dress in costume when answering the door for trick-or-treaters, and 11% each chose “yes, for a social gathering” and “yes, all day.” None of the responding readers plan to dress in costume when trick-or-treating with children.  

I asked NewsDash readers to share interesting and/or creative Halloween costume ideas. Here are the responses: 

  • Be dressing as an accountant this year! 
  • Funniest costume I saw last year was a “deviled egg” – gal had a sunny side-up egg costume on her body and wore a headband with devil horns on it and held a small pitchfork! 
  • After the last butcher job on my hair, my daughter suggested sprying the bits and pieces in multiple bright colors and becoming “Madame Mim”,,,from the Disney movie “The Sword in the Stone”!! Brat! 
  • Sorry! Trade secret! 
  • frida kahlo with unibrow penciled in 
  • My boys chose to be superheroes from the avengers movie, including my husband. I am planning on dressing up as the black widow to go along with the family theme. We haven’t had a theme before but I thought it would be fun this year. 
  • Kenny Powers 
  • My plan is to go dressed as a NFL replacement referee, flagging everything I see and getting it wrong. 
  • zombie make-up 
  • I have a few options – a witch hat & a Harry Potter robe; a NY Rangers jersey (really a trick this year); or, NY Giants Super Bowl gear 
  • Runway Father from “Toddlers and Tiaras” 
  • Have one person wear camo as a shirt and another person wear camo for pants. They are an upper and lower GI! 
  • I always keep fake-nose-and-glasses in my desk drawer. You never know when they will be needed…! 
  • I like the dark and sinister Halloween costumes, but some friends of ours often come as some sort of TV couple (i.e. The Ropers, Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo, etc.) They get very creative! 
  • I have a very long stringy blue haired wig that I wear. Last year a little boy said to me, “My sister has hair just like yours, only hers is a wig.” I’ll remember that one for a long time. 
  • We “dressed” our house. We construct a two story “spider web” (made out of rope, hand tied/woven to create the web, hanging from the peak of the roof out over the front lawn) onto which is placed a 6 foot (leg to leg) spider, under which trick-or-treaters must walk to obtain their treat. A handful each year rely on mom or dad to retrieve the goodies, not venturing anywhere near spidey….. 
  • At one of children’s schools, there was a girl dressed as if she was in the shower, complete with a shower curtain, brush, shower cap, towel, and a round shower rod that was above her head. It was very clever. 
  • I love pun style costumes. Last year I was a quarter pounder. I had a quarter and kept smacking it with a toy hammer. 
  • Saw a boy who was dressed as a robot, using a cardboard box with flashing battery-operated lights for the “body” of the costume, and dryer venting for the arms. Brilliant! 
  • I plan to dress as the wicked witch from the DOL. 


Among those who submitted verbatim comments, most enjoy the holiday and/or dressing up in costume.  Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I dress up in costume every day. Halloween is an opportunity not to have to dress in costume.” 


Favorite Holiday 


I never was a fan of Halloween while I was growing up but it is nice to answer the door and give candy to the kids and see how polite and appreciative most of them are. 


I attempt to avoid children at all cost. 


It is sad as children can no longer safely go about their neighborhoods alone and even then homemade treats are suspect and usually not allowed to be eaten unless at a private party. It just isn't what it used to be... 


As a child, our family did not celebrate Halloween...but we did celebrate the following day..All Saint's Day. Imagine being the only kids at grammar school without costumes! 🙁 


Celebrate Halloween? Heck, the stores have had Xmas decorations out since September. It's all becoming a blur. We should have a combined holiday 365 days a year. At least that's what the merchants hope for. Greed is good. 


It's fun! 


Only thing good about Halloween is candy corn. 


it's my favorite holiday and i love coming up with unusual costume ideas. 


Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, etc. Halloween is everyday at my office...and I dress in costume for this daily event. 


I enjoyed it as a kid, then again during college, and again now with my kids (ages 4,5 and 8).

Verbatim (cont.)  

Growing up as a farm kid meant that it was a long way to the neighbors house and to town, so trick or treating involved a ride in the bed of the truck to each of the closest neighbors and a haul of 2 or 3 chocolate bars. Nothing to exciting, so I just don't get to excited about it. My wife on the other hand grew up in a much larger town and enjoyed all the joys of trick or treating the neighborhood. She is more excited about it then the kids. 


We love to do a Halloween scene in our front yard 


Just do it and have fun. Most of us are to uptight during the other 364 days of the year. 


We use to wear costumes to work. Seems we hardly even decorate for Christmas anymore! Everyone is too busy! 


Life is scary enough without dressing up, thank you very much! 


Halloween is my favorite time of the year. My husband and I take turns answering the door for trick or treaters and taking our son around the neighborhood. We also have an annual costume party which is great fun. I love being able to get creative with the costumes. 


I dress up in costume every day. Halloween is an opportunity not to have to dress in costume. 


While some may comment about my attire on a daily basis, this is the only day you can do what you want. If I do not go in costume, I will go as my witchy self! LOL 


Who doesn't love an excuse to smile and have fun? Okay, well...a lot of people actually. They suck. 


I used to dress up as a bunny because I had a pet bunny named Mr. Hoppers. He was 12 lbs. He and I would sit on the front stairs and offer the kids either carrots (from the bunny) or candy (from me). I ran out of carrots from the number of kids who would pick the carrots and walk away happily munching them! The parents had a tough time getting the real little kids to move on to the next house because they all loved petting Mr. Hoppers and he loved being pet! They didn't want to leave! It was so cute! 


In regards to celebrating Halloween, maybe - when I, once again, become young at heart. 


NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not the stance of Asset International or its affiliates. 


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