SURVEY SAYS: How Do You Use Your iPod?

November 10 marked the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Apple iPod.  I asked NewsDash readers how they use their iPods and how many they’ve gone through in 10 years.

First, I must apologize to those readers wanting to express that they don’t use one and have never had one.  I assumed those folks would just not answer the survey; I won’t make that mistake again.  

The majority of respondents (53.8%) indicated they use their iPod for music for the gym.  This was followed by music for travelling (47.7%) and music for any occasion (46.2%). Twenty-three percent said they use their iPod for music for work, 15.4% for books, 13.8% for podcasts, and 4.6% for other educational resources.  

Forty-seven respondents chose the other category – most of these were expressing that they don’t have/use one. Other uses included music for yardwork, movies — and taking up drawer space.  

Nearly 53% of readers indicated they have only had one iPod in the last 10 years. Nearly one-quarter have had two, and 12.9% said they’ve had three. Six percent of responding readers have had four iPods in the last 10 years, while 2.9% have had six, and one reader has had more than six.  

The comments on the iPod anniversary and iPod use were interesting, but my favorite was: “Huh, I thought you said eye patch…check please. Time for this ol’ sheriff to mosey on into the sunset -and I’m takin’ my rabbit ears with me.” 



I despise Apple products and what the brand stands for. 


I started with a shuffle and moved up to the Nanowhen my shuffle died. What a great, little, powerful device. It impressed me enough to convert to Apple products. 


On the morning after Steve Jobs's death, I was on the subway heading to work as always. Only this time, I had a poignant little moment with my beloved iPod. I looked around the subway car and counted so many people plugged into iPods, or clicking away on iPads or iPhones. RIP Steve! (And I'm sorry I made fun of the iPad name when it first came out. It really is nifty.) 


Where is "zero" in your choices? 


I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've never had an iPod...but I just bought an iPhone, so I had good reason to create an iTunes account recently and download tons of music. Now I just plug my earphones into my iPhone at the gym and can run to the beat. I'm not quite sure how I survived 10 years without this! 


I still can't believe that I dropped my second iPod in the toilet 


Best memory - the quick expression change on my son's face Christmas Eve 2006 when he saw an iPod Shuffle attached to a plain looking T-shirt he sadly thought he got as his main present from Mom and Dad. I had even gone onto iTunes for the first time and bought 10 songs from his favorite radio station top hits list. I was also smart enough to wait until all the gifts were opened before giving him the earbuds. 


Actually, my daughters have the IPod's....I just paid for them! They both seem to love their IPods, so I guess that means they are pretty good stuff? Right?? 


I was given one, never bought one for myself. Just not really into them, would rather listen to the radio.

Verbatims (cont.) 

I don't have an IPod 


I actually have two working ipods. I use the shuffle when I work out at the gym because it can clip to my clothing. I use the larger one (30G) for everyday. 


I remember when I once said, "I'd love it if I could get a CD with JUST the songs I want to listen to on it." That was 1997. Thanks to the iPod, I am able to do that...and do it legally! 


I have never owned one and haven't seemed to have the need. Who knows - in 5 years I might get an iPhone and skip the who iPod thing. 


I never had one. 


Mostly I plan to take my iPod to the gym and then forget it (or more likely, forget about going to the gym) 


I've had my iPod for over a year. It was a real pain to download all of my CDs (well over 400 of them). But since completing this project and setting up great speakers, I've used the iPod only once or twice. (I used to really enjoy listening to the CDs.) 


I'm including my two generations of iPhones in the iPod count as I stopped using my iPod with the purchase of my first iPhone. 


They're proud that it has "no moving parts" but that didn't stop them from admitting they couldn't fix a simple hardware issue. Have you tried downloading the iPod library to a non-Apple device? Not easy! So, it's a love-hate relationship with my iPod. 


I got mine as a 50th birthday present. WAY better than a Walkman! 


I have only had two iPods. I have had about 7 mp3 players of one sort or another over the years. 


Why wasn't zero an option for how many IPods you've had? Not all of us have unlimited money to spend on an overpriced IPod...especially when you can get something that does the sammmmmmme thing for way way way cheaper. 


It's one of those items that you think "why do I need it" and then when you get one, it changes so much: the work day goes faster with things to listen to (and not having to bring a wallet of CDs), buying music one track at a time, podcasts of interesting information, the ability to access the Internet anywhere there's WifFi with the iPod Touch. Plus the famous apps. 


Who cares? 


I only have one because I won it at a trade show. I used it about a dozen times and now it sits in my desk drawer. I prefer to hear the sounds of nature while I'm walking (or traffic if I'm on my way to work!) 


What's an iPod? 


I leave my ipod in the car, and use my android phone for music at work. 


For a music lover, the iPod is the greatest device to come along since Thomas Edison created the cylinder phonograph in 1877! I haven't played a cd in a few years. I love my iPods (one in each car) and my iPhone! 


Where's the box for NONE? 


I wouldn't even own one if not for the Plan Sponsor event in Chicago where they gave out an IPod shuffle.

Verbatims (cont.) 

How many? You omitted the choice of zero. 


Why do you assume EVERYONE has one? At least include a choice for ZERO. 


Depending on how the economy is, I might treat myself to an IPAD this Christmas 


Where is the choice for 0 in question 2? 




My first and only iPod is a hand-me-down from my sister who got an iPhone a few years ago. My first MP3 player was a less expensive SanDisk player. 


I hate ear buds--they "ear"-itate 


I personally have 2 iPods and 1 iPad, and I use all 3! My household has 8 iPods in total! 


I'm a late technology adapter. I don't want to pay to have the latest toys when in a year or so the kinks are worked out and the price has dropped significantly. I don't have an iPod, I have a Sony MP3 Player that cost under $100. 


I've only had mine 3 years and I received it as a gift, I didn't even know what MP3 meant! I still don't really, but I'd be lost without it now! 


Don't have. 


I've never owned an iPod, though have borrowed my kid's. Why would I want to listen to music that's been so compressed, it sounds crappy? 


I was a bit late to the game, but I have had my original iPod for about 4 years. Usually use it when running. Still remember trying to run with a Walkman and having it constantly skip. 


I like the iPad, but iPods have proven to be useless technology if you use them during exercise. 


i dont actually use my iPod anymore, but the iPhone 


Huh, I thought you said eye patch...check please. Time for this ol' sheriff to mosey on into the sunset -and I'm takin' my rabbit ears with me. 


Don't own an iPod or similar device 


They do not go through the wash well 


I've never owned an iPod. However, I currently have an iPhone and an iPad. 


The new ones are too small to be used by real human beings...that is, to say, people that have to actually read those tiny screens!