According to recent surveys, a significant number of workplaces participate in activities pertaining to the NCAA tournament.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Which of the final four would you like to see win the tournament?”

Three in ten (30.8%) of responding readers would like to see the University of Wisconsin win the tournament, while 18.5% wanted the championship to go to Michigan State University. Nine percent of readers are pulling for Duke University, and 10.8% were hoping the University of Kentucky would win.

Six percent of readers said they hope anyone but Duke wins the tournament, and 9.2% of readers already have their wish that anyone but Kentucky will win. Slightly more than 15% of respondents chose “none/don’t care.”

Early on, I realized, due to a couple of reader comments, that my choice of “anyone but Michigan” was not correct, as Michigan is not the same Michigan State, so about two hours into the survey, I changed that choice. Among the verbatim responses, there was excitement about March Madness and feelings that it boosted morale in the workplace, though a few respondents don’t care much for basketball. Regarding my reference to “March Madness” in the survey, Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Isn’t it April?”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!


I don't watch basketball, so I ignore most conversations about it. Fortunately no local teams are in the Final Four this year, so less time is wasted talking about it!

Too bad it's in Indiana.

Promotes morale around the office.

None of "my" teams are in the Final 4 but based on where my husband received his graduate degrees we'll be humming "On Wisconsin".

Kentucky is an overwhelming favorite in the office - so much blue everywhere! And since I actually don't care who wins, seeing Duke win would give me a much appreciated opportunity to pick on my co-workers!

I'm pulling all the way for Wisconsin, but its Kentucky's year.

So I win all the money!!

Kentucky has made me money in the past and if Kentucky wins, more money, more money for me. 🙂

I didn't even know who made it to the final 4 until this survey. It's fair to say I haven't lost any work time due to March Madness activities.

This has been a great year for March Madness. There are of course the obvious people paying attention to the games while 'working' but you have to look harder to see the people that look like they're on a phone call but are really listening to the game instead - they smile, frown, grip the desk tightly and exhibit all the hallmarks of March Madness. Go Michigan State!!

Only team to make it to the final four without being a #1 seed. Go State!!

Verbatim (cont.) 

No problem

I don't follow basketball, and only took an interest when UNI was in it. I quit paying attention when they lost.

The most exciting sports-related event of the year. Over 50% of our employees participate in our bracket pool-and over a quarter will be "winners". I run it and always want the biggest underdog to win. It would be MSU this year.

Isn't it April?

I would have chosen "anyone but Michigan" but they didn't make the final 4. In fact, they didn't even make it to the tournament. Poor Sparty, even on the hate list they don't get any respect.

I hate all this hoopla about sports.

This is amateur basketball right?

Just not Kentucky!!! And why is one of the survey options "anyone but Michigan"? Michigan didn't even make the tournament! 🙂

We hold an annual NCAA pool in our office, in which the total payout is about $2,000, split between the top ten places. My family has three generations of UK grads, of which I am one, so we bleed blue.

I love this time of year! We're guaranteed some great basketball games.

MSU over Wisconsin in the Championship would be a replay of the Big Ten Championship, albeit with a better ending. Go karma! GO GREEN!!


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