SURVEY SAYS: Super Bowl 53 Contenders

Super Bowl 53 (LIII) is February 3.

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, but before that, two conference championship games will determine who the contenders will be.


The NFC Championship game is between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. The AFC Championship game is between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs.


Last week, I asked NewsDash readers which two contenders they would like to see in the Super Bowl and which team they would like to win the Super Bowl.


As for the NFC Championship, the majority (56.1%) of responding readers indicated they would like to see the New Orleans Saints win, while 26.5% would like to see the Los Angeles Rams win, and 17.3% said they don’t care which team wins. For the AFC Championship, three-quarters (75.5%) are pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs, while only 18.4% said they would like to see the Patriots win, and 6.1% don’t care.


Twenty-eight percent of respondents indicated they want to see the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. This was only beat out by the 30.2% of respondents who said they want any team but the Patriots to win. The Saints and the Patriots each received 13.5% of reader votes, while 10.4% want the Rams to win. However, 1% said they want any team but the Rams to win. Slightly more than 3% reported they do not care who wins the Super Bowl this year.


Among readers who chose to share verbatim comments, many expressed either distaste for or boredom of the New England Patriots and/or Tom Brady. A number of respondents just want to see a good game. And, of course, there were those who said they would only watch for the commercials and/or half-time show. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Looking forward to high scoring game that is exciting and close until the last minute. Very smart to play the game on a Sunday and start when it does (as opposed to championship in almost all other sports- hear that MLB) so everyone can stay up until end.”


Thanks to all who participated in the survey!



Go Chiefs!!

Full disclosure: I live in LA now and am trying to become a fan of the LA teams (instead of my MN Vikings). I’d like to see the Rams face the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs because they’re a young, exciting team and we’re all sick of the Patriots being there. The Rams because they’re my new home team. (I think the Saints are the better team, and will likely win, but you asked who I wanted…) In the Super Bowl, I have to root for the home team in what should be a great game!

How good will the commercials be?!

As a life-long Kansas City resident, I want the Chiefs to win it all!!

Any team will be fine, as long as it is not the Patriots……growing very tired of the Patriots.

I’m only watching for the commercials. The company with the best is the real winner.

We need new blood. Die Patriots! (Not literally, but more like when Steve Martin is dodging the cans he thinks the shooter hates in the movie “The Jerk.”)

You should’ve included a question about the half time show

I have to root for the Rams – my Dad’s been a fan for over 70 years.

I am tired of the Patriots every year. Kansas City needs to win this, they deserve to be relevant again.

Looking forward to high scoring game that is exciting and close until the last minute. Very smart to play the game on a Sunday and start when it does (as opposed to championship in almost all other sports- hear that MLB) so everyone can stay up until end.

If Brady returns to the Super Bowl for his NINTH appearance, it would be special if he faced off against the Rams, the team he defeated for his first championship.

My team was awful this year and I really don’t care about the outcome this year – except I don’t want to see the Patriots win OR lose again. If they aren’t playing I might tune in for commercials or halftime. But probably not.

Saints/Patriots would be a great game (again).

I used to LOVE to watch football, but since the prima donnas started taking a knee, I am done with the NFL for good.

First off, hockey is the superior sport simply because it doesn’t have an overblown final game. Having said that, I only chose KC because they haven’t been to the big game in such a long time.

I would love to see an exciting game, where the score is close and the teams display talent with remarkable catches, fantastic runs and amazing defensive plays. The commercials have not been as good the last couple years so let’s get back to great football. And maybe the Patriots can win so that Tom Brady can retire and another rising star quarterback can make his mark.

Go Pats!

Although my team isn’t in the playoffs, I’ll still be watching. It’s time for a team other than the Patriots to win…

Unfortunately, it will probably be the Saints and the Patriots. My wish, though, is they both lose!

Please Lord, please no Patriots!

I’m just sick and tired of seeing New England.

Love to see some new faces in the Super Bowl this year.

I live in California – so Rams all the way.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Most people watch for the commercials, which is a fun discussion for work the next day. It’s a nice event for all people to come together and talk about the weird, crazy commercials and everyone’s mutual hatred of Tom Brady…. 🙂

As long as it’s a competitively good game, I’ll be happy!

Being from New England I understand there are a lot of haters out there. I would love to see two of the greatest QBs ever face each other in the Super Bowl. Go Pats!

Not the Pats or the Saints

I’m really hoping for a Chiefs/Saints matchup for the Super Bowl. I really don’t want to watch the Patriots again, but I enjoy the party!

Some years the commercials are more entertaining than the actual game! Hopefully this is a good year!

Who dat? Hopefully the Saints can win one more Super Bowl before the window closes on Drew Brees and company.

My only hope is that the Patriots don’t win it all.

The best Super Bowls are when the Patriots choke. And I don’t much care whose hands are on their throat when they do… SMH. ;-}

Go Patriots! Tom Brady is the GOAT!


I know everyone is sick of the Pats but I have to go for the home team! Would love to see a Brady – Brees matchup.



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