SURVEY SAYS: Valentine’s Day Celebrations

For some, Valentine’s Day celebrations are a big deal, while for others it’s just another “Hallmark holiday.”

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and what will that involve?”


Nearly half (48.5%) of responding readers do plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, while 42.4% do not and 9.1% are unsure.


Asked with whom they will celebrate Valentine’s Day (they could choose all that apply), 69.7% said their spouse or partner, and 3% said boyfriend or girlfriend. Nearly two in ten (18.2%) said they would celebrate with their children, and another 18.2% said no one.


Half of respondents reported they will give their Valentine a card, and 31.2% will go to dinner. Another 31.2% said they will give no gifts for Valentine’s Day. Candy will be given by 12.5% of responding readers, jewelry will be given by 9.4%, and stuffed animal and movie were selected by 3.1% of readers each. “Other” responses included:


  • I usually bake his favorite cookies and we go to dinner at some point during the weekend (not specifically on VD)
  • Maybe some little silly thing
  • Small toys for each kid, like Hot Wheels cars
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries delivered to her office.
  • Me
  • A book for my daughter
  • A date to the ballet


In verbatim comments, several responding readers did say Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday that need not be celebrated. A few shared Valentine’s Day traditions, and a few talked about showing love every day of the year. Since Valentine’s Day is my birthday, Editor’s Choice has to go to the reader who left the comment that I often say to people myself, “Valentine’s Day? What is this Valentine’s Day of which you speak?”


Thanks to all who participated in the survey, and a big thank you to the readers who told me the problem that was keeping people from leaving responses! Sorry to those who were unable to.



One of the many joys of being single is freedom from the stress of Valentine’s Day.

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day! Love, hearts, flowers, candy…my kids and grands have always loved it, too.

It’s a Hallmark Holiday. We celebrate our love every day – really!

Valentine’s Day? What is this Valentine’s Day of which you speak?

Valentine’s Day is more for Hallmark and flower shops. I like getting flowers once in a while, but would rather get them on any other day than VD, because the cost is so inflated. One time my husband and I were shopping together and both needed to pick out VD cards. We laughed at the irony so we each picked one out, showed it to the other in the store, put them back and called it good! We still laugh at this!

We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day since our anniversary is Feb 21. We will be celebrating 37 years this year and that is something worth celebrating for sure!

I call it a “Hallmark Day”. Yes there is a history of St. Valentine but Hallmark really made it what it is. My husband and I keep it fun. We pick an amount – this year it was $16.73. You cannot spend more than that amount on the other person including the card, any wrapping paper/bag, everything. Really makes Valentine’s Day special because you really have to think about it. We just make up an amount. It becomes a game.

My husband and I do not celebrate this Hallmark holiday but the kids think it is very fun. They enjoy receiving a few candy treats and some small toys.

Valentines is a Hallmark Holiday. No need to celebrate this holiday if you treat your loved ones with love and respect every day. I always love to see the ladies bragging about the nice gifts their husband gave them on Valentine’s Day. These same ladies complain how awful their husbands are for the other 364 days for the year.

Home cooked dinner and just two of us

Any day that celebrates love, kindness and giving is a day worth celebrating!

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express love and warmth to family, friends and even co-workers; it doesn’t have to be only about romantic love. What could be better than a day of celebrating love?

Would be nice to have someone to celebrate it with this year…

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic holiday when you’re young, giving you the opportunity to show your loved ones just how you love them. As you grow older, that continues for some marriages and relationships but becomes a pointed reminder of what has been lost over the years.

Oh crap, Valentine’s Day! I almost forgot…Thanks for the reminder!

My husband views it as a Hallmark holiday. He says he doesn’t need to be told when to treat me to something special—he does it all through the year. And he’s right!

Nothing significant happened in our lives on February 14, so my wife and I treat it like any other day. We do celebrate our “half anniversary”, which is two weeks later. That seems to be more meaningful.

Those who make too much of a fuss about Valentine’s Day—and I say the same thing about weddings—seem not to realize that the way to keep a relationship strong is to be steady, reliable, and supportive every day. (Having said that, I make sure there’s a card and a small gift for my wife every year!)

In addition to enjoying a dinner with the family that is still at home on the 14th, planning to drive 9 hours round trip to deliver Valentine’s gift to a homesick child. Need to seize the moment when it still matters.

My spouse is not just any spouse, but my best friend and confidante. For me, every day is Valentine’s Day.

It may be another “Hallmark Holiday” to some, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reason to celebrate one another in whatever relationship you are in (even yourself)…we sometimes forget to love each other or ourselves, so a holiday to celebrate just that….I can get behind!

I have been married for 15 years and we usually celebrate with a peck on the cheek. This year, my company is treating us to the ballet! So much romance!

My day will be spent with the newest love of my life…my first grandson! Nothing could be more special!



NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not necessarily the stance of Strategic Insight or its affiliates.