SURVEY SAYS: What Do You Make of the Casey Anthony Verdict?

July 7, 2011 ( - Whether or not you’ve been following the Casey Anthony case/verdict, the media surely has. 


As we gather around our virtual water cooler here, this week I asked readers what you think of the verdict, the case – and the coverage. 

In fairness, I really hadn’t been paying that much attention to this tragic case right up till the last several days as closing arguments were made and the case put to the jury.  What little I had gleaned had been largely drawn from an incessant legal punditry, most of which seemed smug in its assessment that Casey Anthony would be found guilty of murdering her little girl. 

Well, so much for punditry (Casey was found not guilty on everything except lying to the police who were investigating the case). 

Among readers this week most disagreed with the verdict in the case; 27.2% flat out disagreeing, based on what they knew of the case, with another 22.8% disagreeing with the verdict, but acknowledging that they respected the process that resulted in that decision.   

There were 13.0% who agreed with the verdict, but a full third (33.7%) admitted they hadn’t really been following the case closely enough to have an opinion.  Another 3% admitted they had no idea what this whole question was about. 


Hot Topic?

I also asked readers if the case was a “hot topic” at your workplace, and a clear (and strong) plurality (45.5%) said it was not.  Just over 17% said it was, while nearly as many (16.9%) said it wasn’t yet, but was likely to be yesterday (the day after the verdict). 

Among the remaining responses, just under 6% said it was a hot topic, but “goodness knows why”, half that number (2.3%) said it wasn’t, but “goodness knows why not”.

The remaining one-in-eight said it was a hot topic in their workplace “some days.”

As you might expect, considering the age of the victim in this case, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the discovery of her body, what I’ll describe as the “erratic” behavior of Casey Anthony during the process, and the often bizarre allegations made during the trial – well, I think it’s fair to say that emotions have run strong during and following the trial.  No less so among this week’s verbatims.  One reader went so far as to note, “There is a lot I'd love to say about the verdict, but none of it is suitable for your website”.

No Editor’s Choice this week – but definitely some food for thought on the pages that follow - including the reader who observed, "Having recently been on the jury in a capital murder trial, it really surprises me the number of people who know guilt or innocence without having heard even a small piece of the testimony.  Maybe the sanctity of the First Amendment needs to be revisited with a little bit of responsibility for misinformation added."

Whatever you think about the case, the verdict, or its aftermath, I think we can all agree with the reader who said "A 2 year old is dead and shouldn't be." 


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Bonus Survey!   

I think I liked the "Old" days know, when we didn't have this sadness, horror, etc shoved down our throats 24/7...don't even get me started on the so-called "reality" shows!

Where is the choice for disagree with the verdict and do not respect the process??? I am proud of our country's system of checks and balances and a supposed fair trial to be judged by your peers, but when a jury deliberates for less than a day to let someone who may or may not have killed their child and then DID cover it is that fair?? "Beyond a reasonable doubt" has now become an excuse to let murderers go free. It's a sad state of our judicial system.

I guess this is a good example of why you always want a trial by jury.

If Casey didn't do it, then she definitely knows who did; regardless, she should have her tubes tied.  Was no DNA culled from the duct tape on Caylee's mouth?

Prosecution was severely hindered by the lack of evidence due to the delay in finding the body.

The jury weighed the evidence not the media.

She is one messed up lady and if nothing else should have been locked away for treatment.  She should not ever be allowed to have anymore children. That would have been the best verdict ever!

People rush to judgement too quickly...


If you didn't follow the case, just wait a few months for the tell-all book and the movie that's sure to follow!  And watch Casey Anthony laugh all the way to the bank!

It's funny how during the trial, the media couldn't say anything good about the defense counsel, and how she was obviously guilty, and now all they're saying is that the prosecution didn't have enough evidence to prove murder.

I think the media confuses "public interest" with "I want to watch TV and this is the only topic you are reporting".  Making us watch something does not constitute our interest just our laziness.

"I was uncomfortable with them seeking the death penalty, since the evidence was all so circumstantial. There are plenty of countries out these whose legal systems would have thrown her on death row in five minutes, based on less evidence than what was presented here! So I'm fine with the verdict of Not Guilty for murder in the first. I think if the death penalty is used at all, it should only be in cases where there is no doubt.

Still though, she was involved in a child's death, the body spent time in her trunk (eww), she waited 30 days to report it, and she thwarted every police investigation. I wonder what happens now. Do they arrest George Anthony for allegedly staging this ""fake murder scene,"" as Casey claims?"

BIZARRE! In so many ways...


Just from reading a lot of John Gresham and Scott Turow, and watching Law & Order etc. I thought the prosecution did not prove that Casey Anthony was guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Who knows what really happened with all the lies and stories that were made up? All we really know is that the poor little girl is dead. Heaven forbid having to be a juror on a case like that.

This is newsworthy?  Are we now simultaneously trying people in the court of public opinion in addition to their actual trial?  Only the folks on the jury and in the courtroom each day had complete information upon which to render a verdict.  Let's let our justice system work as it is structured.  Let's go back to the premise of innocent until proven guilty.  I sure wish the media would take note and not make this into a sensationalized daily news story.

I read a quote that says it all - "It's a court of law, not a court of justice."  I lost my 3 year old for 20 minutes at a company function and was ready to call in the National Guard.  Fortunately, she was found walking around after going to the bathroom by herself.  To not report a missing child for 30 days is absolutely nuts.

Do I think she did it?  Yes.  But the prosecutors completely FAILED to prove their case.  And whatever I may think, even if I was on the jury, I think I'd have had to find her innocent in light of the fact that they couldn't even prove the poor child was murdered.


No Good Mother would party not knowing where their baby is that is why everyone feels she is quilty.  Too bad she did not give that baby up for adoption.  That whole family is dysfunctional.  I'm curious why no one knows who the baby's father was.  She may walk but she will never be treated the same in public.   I just hope she doesn't have any other children, no child deserves a Mother like her.  I wouldn't let her walk my dog.  Ok I'm done thanks for letting me vent.

I don't even own a television and have zero interest in the Anthony case.  Frankly, I find it very difficult to deal with news about children being hurt or worse.  Despite this, it has been impossible to avoid the coverage due to headlines on internet news sites as well as facebook and twitter status updates.  If there is a God, I hope he or she will one day be able to explain to me why these sorts of things happen.

It was up to the prosecution to prove her guilty of the charges and they failed to do so.

There is no doubt in my mind that she killed her little girl burt the verdict was probably correct given the evidentiary problems the prosecution had. Common sense says she did it based on her known actions after the death, both with respect to the body and her "social life". She is a sorry human being.

We had one person literally stand up and announce the verdict, then provide us with details of the case from the perspective "the jury got it wrong".  Mercifully that person is not in the office today.


The prosecution proved that Casey is a selfish, lying, cheating, manipulative, promiscuous, and unfit mother that waited over 30 days to report, acknowledge, or seek help finding her beautiful missing baby. They did not prove to a jury of her peers that Casey was involved in or if a crime actually happened. A reasonable person would conclude otherwise. So the real killer(s) remain free. An innocent 2 year old child is dead and her body was discarded into a swamp like household trash. No winners in this case.

Let's move on.

a football player goes to prison for dog fighting, martha stewart goes to prison for why???, our local well known building property manager goes to prison for accepting a gift, roger clemons will probably spend some time in jail for taking steroids, but this women is set free . . . there is something wrong with the justice system in our country.

The prosecution failed to make their case. All the evidence was circumstantial and they had not one concrete piece of evidence to tie Casey to the crime. We know she did it, but that is not enough.

I was surprised by the verdict, but if the jurors who heard all the evidence were not convinced, then those of us who have not heard all the evidence should accept the verdict.

It seems that the family is very disfunctional and trying to support an irresponsible immature daughter who makes really bad decisions.  If she had common sense or an understanding of her role in this life, this could be a wake-up call.  For her sake, I hope it is.

Maybe Casey's mom can form an "I'm innocent club" with O.J.!!


The prosecution shot too high.  I believe they could have thrown a slew of lesser charges at her (obstruction of an investigation, abuse of a corpse, child endangerment as opposed to abuse, etc.) to get her into prison and then worked on getting the manslaughter or murder conviction.

A 2 year old is dead and shouldn't be.  Someone needs to take the blame for that.

While this case is tragic, so are many others that don't receive the same media attention.  I wish the media would pay more attention to those arrested without compelling evidence who are convicted due to jurors biases and preconceptions.  I would like to think that our system is universally fair, but I am afraid this is not the case.  I believe it is more important that an innocent person is not imprisoned or executed than it is for a guilty person to be allowed to go free.

Television continues to prove itself a waste of air space. Now, what did I do with that book list of last week. It's gotta be 'round here some place. Maybe it's with my glasses, teeth and car keys. Emma, where's the remote.

"Seems like we learned nothing from the OJ trial. The bigger the circus the harder to convict.

Also,I couldn't believe that at 2:15 suddenly half the company was in the break room shooshing each other to hear the ""big verdict."""


Having recently been on the jury in a capital murder trial, it really surprises me the number of people who know guilt or innocence without having heard even a small piece of the testimony.  Maybe the sanctity of the First Amendment needs to be revisited with a little bit of responsibility for misinformation added.

I believe she was charged wrong and had the charges been less the verdict might have been different.  I don't think the case was proven but I do think she is guilty of something.

I have a friend who works in the Orlando area, and she said the lines outside the  courtroom to watch the trial were ridiculous.  They even interviewed a honeymoon couple who were spending their honeymoon trying to get in to watch the trial.  Fights broke out in line of people trying to get in.  Losers.  Why not pay that much attention trying to make something BETTER?

She got away with murder. In this day and age of CSI and other shows, juries are not using their heads about "how to connect the dots" with circumstantial evidence. And this won't be the last you hear of Casey Anthony. She WILL rear her ugly head again. And then, maybe the jury will think about the decision they made letting her completely off the hook. No child neglect? No voluntary manslaughter? Come on!!!

reaction from the staff reminded me of the OJ verdict, had to finally tell everyone to get back to work.