SURVEY SAYS: What Happens When Your Boss is Out?

November 8, 2007 ( - Earlier this week, we covered a survey of workers - who, for the very most part, said that their work is unaffected by their boss' presence (or absence).

In fact, nearly one-in-four said they got more done when their boss wasn’t around (see  While the Cats Away, the Mice…. ).  

This week, I asked readers if it made a difference when your boss was out.

Well, for a clear plurality – more than 38% of this week’s respondents – whether the boss was in or out had no impact at all, though 28.6% got more done when the boss was out, and only about 3% said they got less done (or got stuck with more work).   On the other hand, nearly a third chose “other” – a response category that ran the gamut.  

The rest of the survey is online  HERE