SURVEY SAYS: Will You Make a New Year's Resolution?

December 30, 2010 ( - Well, we’re about to wrap up one year – and start another – and that means it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions. 

This week, I asked readers if they planned to make one – or two…

Well, as it turns out, we had a very “resolute” group of respondents this week – more than one in five (21.5%) said they would, and a robust 62.2% said they would make more than one!  Just over one-in-ten (10.8%) said they wouldn’t, and the rest – well, they weren’t yet sure about the matter.

As for the focus of those resolutions, exercising more was the clear winner (65.6%), while the closely related losing weight was, aptly enough, close behind, with 56.3% (more than one response was permitted).

After that, things fell off pretty sharply:

18.8% – spending more time with family/loved one(s)

10% – spending less time at work

9.4% – getting another/different job

6.3% – being nicer to other people

3.1% – working harder

While reading more, working harder, and kicking a bad habit all drew less than 2% (each).

There were some interesting contributions in the “other” category:

Not sure. Maybe to be more decisive, perhaps. Definitely a possibility.

getting used to the idea of retiring.....

I am going to try AGAIN to work on the skill of acceptance. It's a tough one for me.

Increase my running average to 35 miles a week.

Finding time to meditate

Be kinder to myself

A better diet

Trying to make things better for the people in my life.

keeping better track of finances; working on side business.

Spend less money in 2011!

Pay off debt and save more

Planning meals and eating at home, resulting in less calories consumed and less money spent on eating out.

Get finances in order

Curbing the profanity

Stressing less -- or, on the positive side: practicing more calming actions.

Finding time for "fun" - more leisure time

Never answering questions that would require use of an expletive

Increasing retirement savings and spending less

Not being crabby with my son

Reducing clutter!!!

Asked to share additional thoughts on the old year, the new year, new year’s in general, or resolutions specifically, readers had the following to share:

2010 was an extremely difficult and transitional year for all of us. I would like us to learn from the experiences we had encountered and go forward in a unified direction. Liberals and conservatives must unite and work together for this country to compete in a global economy. After all, we all want the same things peace and security.

I resolve to use more hand sanitizer and less water, drink more water and fewer soft drinks, eat  breakfast at home instead of Dunkin Donuts.  I will stop treating french fries like a vitamin by eating them at least once a day and I will use my $100 jogging shoes for their intended purpose instead of just wearing them on casual Friday.  I will realize that the dryer is not shrinking my clothes and that the bathroom scales are telling me the truth, even though it hurts.  I will strive to build a diet based on the food pyramid instead of the fast food alley down the street.  I will use the gym that I have a membership for instead of donating to it for the benefit of others. And hopefully, by the end of 2011, there will be less of me to love.

Ours really isn't intended to be a resolution, but started before the holidays, put on hold for holiday consumption reasons, and is back in force following this holiday weekend.  Thus not technically a New Year's resolution.  I don't think resolutions are kept typically, so we're talking about life changes as we watch age creeping up on us!  Happy New Year to you, Nevin.

I think we are lucky to live in America and have all that we do ... even if is is less than we once had.  At least we are free.


Resolutions are a sign that the individual believes he/she can change for the better.  While the result doesn't always equal the intent, it is the possibility of good intention that is the gem.

The "leadership" of ths country - not any specific individual or branch of government - al seem obliviious to voter discontent.  It seems to me this discontent is not with one ideology (as political "pundits" have posited since the mid-term elections) but with the way we are beibng governed.

I would like to see improvement in the economy for the lower and middle class.  I would like to see the wealthy pay their fair share for a change and stop preying on those less fortunate.  I would remind them that "noblesse oblige" (privilege entails resposibility).

I resolved many years ago to not make any New Year's resolutions - if it's worth doing, it is not worth waiting for a new year to do so...and thus far it is the only one that I have kept!  (And plan on keeping!!!)

I worked countless hours, including weekends, to turn this dept around and was looking forward to next year.  I just left a meeting with the department manager who informed me there will be no merit increases, so I will reserve my now unprintable comments.

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said “I resolve to maintain my resolve”.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!