Symetra Provides 401k Plans to Small Businesses

November 30, 2005 ( - Symetra Financial has announced the creation of a comprehensive 401(k) program designed to improve smaller company access to retirement plans.

In its announcement Symetra said its 401(k) program offers benefits to smaller companies normally only enjoyed by larger companies.   In addition to the lack the resources to commit toward retirement plans, smaller companies may also be limited by plan providers in the investment choices available to them.

Symetra plans are easy to administer, cost effective, and bring Fortune 500-style plan options to smaller companies, the company said.   Symetra’s 401(k) program gives participants access a diverse set of mutual funds from leading investment management firms, such as Fidelity Management & Research, American Funds, The Dreyfus Corporation, and Franklin Templeton Investments.   Symetra’s mutual fund program features over 40 investment options and low investment minimums for participants.

Participants in the Symetra 401(k) program also have access to a self-directed online brokerage account through the ShareBuilder tool which allows participants to invest directly in the stock market by purchasing fractional-shares in individual stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, or other index products through payroll deductions each pay period.

Companies interested in learning more about Symetra 401(k) retirement plans can visit   www.symetra.comor call 1-800-706-0700.