TAG and SunGard Corbel Offer 5500answers

September 28, 2000 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - TAG (the Technical Answer Group) and SunGard Corbel have teamed up to answer questions and provide guidance on the new IRS Form 5500 for Qualified Plans at www.5500answers.com.

The site will also provide assistance in understanding and completing the forms for Cafeteria and Health & Welfare plans. Subscribers get unlimited access to ask their questions, as well as access to frequently asked questions and answers by form or by schedule.

Subscribers can also download samples of the form and schedules, plus access tutorials for each form and schedule.

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If you subscribe before October 1, you can get access for the rest of the year for $200 ($225 for those who subscribe on or after 10/01).

You can subscribe for 2001 Service for $400, if you do so by September 30, 2000. Otherwise, the service costs $600.

– Nevin Adams         editors@plansponsor.com