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EBRI Reassesses Whether DC or DB Plans Are Better for Participants

A new EBRI research report compares the outcomes of participants in automatic enrollment 401(k) plans versus defined benefit (DB) plans; when reducing the rate of return assumptions and utilizing current annuity purchase prices, results show that in many cases the automatic enrollment 401(k) plans lose their comparative advantage to the stylized, final-average DB plans.

401(k) Plan Sponsors Enhancing Plan Design

The availability of Roth contributions has doubled in the last decade, and more plan sponsors are using a default deferral rate with automatic enrollment that is higher than 3%, a Plan Sponsor Council of America survey found.

SURVEY SAYS: 40th Anniversary of the 401(k)

In a SURVEY SAYS marking the 40th anniversary of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the change to ERISA during the past 40 years that received the greatest percentage of votes for being the one that most helped participant retirement savings outcomes was the establishment of Section 401(k) qualified deferred compensation plans.