TASS Bulks Up Hedge Fund Database

October 1, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Tremont's TASS has beefed up its hedge fund database and will soon unveil online access to that data, making it easier for managers to register their funds, update information, and perform selected analytics.

With the new data module added to the database, TASS now covers approximately 3,200 hedge funds and CTAs as well as 2,500 defunct funds.   The total assets represented by funds in the new data module is approximately $40 billion for single manager funds and $20 billion for the hedge fund of fund managers.

“Over the last several years, there has been a significant expansion in the industry in terms of asset growth and the number of funds, and consequently, we undertook outreach to locate funds that have not yet listed,” said Robert Schulman, co-CEO of Tremont Capital Management.

TASS also has announced new Web-based data capabilities for hedge fund managers.   Effective later this month, hedge fund managers will be able to register for a TASS Database listing online and will be able to use the Web to update their performance or any other information carried by the database, the company said.