TD Ameritrade Launches ETF Offering for 401(k)s

April 20, 2011 ( - TD Ameritrade Trust Company announced the availability of a new investment program that allows plan sponsors and independent registered investment advisers (RIAs) to offer exchange traded funds (ETFs) to 401(k) plan participants.

The announcement explained that legacy 401(k) recordkeeping and accounting systems are not designed to accommodate ETFs which trade throughout the day and can only be traded in whole shares. To overcome these hurdles, TD Ameritrade Trust Company has simplified operations for recordkeepers by developing a trading process that mirrors mutual fund trading and is consistent with their current procedures. This process also includes the ability to trade fractional shares of ETFs.   

In addition, per-share fees and transaction fees are eliminated for 401(k) plans on the TD Ameritrade Trust Company platform, which can provide potential cost savings to plan participants and eliminate the reconciling component for recordkeepers. Another key feature of the TD Ameritrade Trust Company platform is its open architecture, which allows advisers and plans sponsors to select ETFs from multiple providers.  

“We expect the ETF market will continue to grow and by facilitating their use in retirement plans, TD Ameritrade Trust Company aims to drive down costs in the industry and further our commitment to providing advisers, plan sponsors and participants the choice and flexibility they need to help their clients achieve their retirement investing goals,” said Skip Schweiss, president, TD Ameritrade Trust Company, in the announcement.