Thomson Adds To Thomson ONE's Capabilities

October 16, 2003 ( - Thomson Financial has beefed up its Thomson ONE Advisor product.

Thomson has expanded its Thomson ONE Advisor platform to include:

  • retail portfolio performance measurement and reporting capabilities
  • estate and insurance needs analysis
  • a separate accounts database.

The portfolio performance reporting functionality provides performance calculations and reporting, that follow AIMR guidelines, using a performance engine that provides monthly performance measurement reports.   Further, the Estate Planning and Life Insurance Needs Analysis allows advisors to identify and analyze life insurance and estate planning opportunities for their clients.

The separately managed accounts database is tailored to complement the existing equity, mutual fund and variable annuity databases in the solution. This new database allows financial advisors to include money managers when building portfolio recommendations and provides manager profiles when coupled with the Portfolio Performance Reporting capabilities.

Using this database, financial advisors can now compare and assess independent money managers and managed account products by accessing separate account data on 1,300 participating money managers, and over 5,000 composites from more than 90% of the nation’s largest investment firms.

Additionally, Thomson ONE Advisor platform includes:

  • portfolio management and rebalancing functionality
  • multiple goal-based financial planning capabilities using Monte Carlo probability analysis
  • advanced investment profiling and selection tools
  • NASD compliance-ready presentations and reporting
  • mutual fund, stock, variable annuities and indices databases
  • real-time market data and functionality.