Considering Provider Support During a Challenging Year

Stock plan sponsors reflect on provider response as they navigate administration during the pandemic
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Challenges Facing Stock Plan Sponsors:

The most common challenge for stock plan administrators across the industry this year was managing plan designs.

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23% 11% 10% 9%
Managing plan design Support for international participants Managing tax withholdings Mobility tracking

Plan Sponsors Received Needed Support During COVID-19:

Plan sponsors are overwhelmingly satisfied with providers’ response during COVID-19.

favorablity rating
  • Consistency of support for plan administrators
  • Consistency of support for plan participants
  • Proactive communication of business continuity plans
  • Overall satisfaction with COVID-19 response
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The majority of plan sponsors also reported having experienced little to no disruption or impact as a result of their providers’ COVID-19 response.

Positive Provider Feedback

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54% No disruption/impact
15% Generally positive
13% Proactive communication to administrator

However, for those with some negative feedback for the provider set, the most frequently expressed feedback is a lack of communication.

Negative Provider Feedback

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38% Communication lacking
15% Slower response time
15% Degraded work quality
* Group Five Stock Plan Administration Benchmark Study

Plan sponsors need a reliable provider—someone they can count on to help them manage their plans and communicate proactively.

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Clients gave E*TRADE a 98% favorable rating in providing consistent support during the pandemic

89% rated E*TRADE favorably in delivering proactive communications

While we will never stop being on the forefront of technological advances, service is at the core of who we are. We are committed to building strong, personal relationships so we can anticipate the unique needs of our clients and their participants, especially during these trying times. Our focus is on our clients and working to help them continue to build their plans with the future in mind.

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